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 Bible Reading PLans

Where are you looking for your support and stability for this next year? We encourage you to look for it in the pages of the Bible. The Bible was written by God Himself and speaks to every struggle and problem of our daily lives.

"A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t."


Pick a Plan

A few things to keep in mind while you choose are:

- What is your current schedule and phase of life?

- What part(s) of the Bible do you need to become more familiar with?

- What is going to push you to grow, while also being a realistic challenge?


Be Consistent

Reading the Bible is like eating; you need it every day to lead a healthy, growing life. If you get behind, try to catch up before too many days go by. If you get significantly behind and don’t feel you can catch up, then just start reading on the current date and KEEP GOING!


Quality > Quantity

Remember that the goal is to get to know God and His Word.

Think and pray about what you read, and talk to other believers about it. If you have any questions about what you are reading, please reach out to us at the bottom of the page.



These plans will get you through the entire Bible in a year. You can read straight through cover-to-cover, or read Old & New Testaments simultaneously.


Mix & Match

Pick how many times you want to read through the Old & New Testaments in a year.



See the Bible in a different light by reading it out of its usual order.


Month At A Time

If reading the Bible is new to you, just start with one month at a time.


Week At A Time

Have a schedule for a 6-day week, or camp on the same few chapters for a week at a time.


From The Desk Of...

Try the plans used by two seasoned scholars who have walked with God for a long time.


Never Too Young

A child is never too young to read God’s Word!  Here’s a plan that directs them to the parts they can understand at an early age.


But There's More!

The Bible is not just meant to be read, but studied.  Here’s a resource to help you go deeper and get more out of your daily reading.

CONTACT US with questions or for more information.

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