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Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya

Ten Wells for Togo

Help raise


to drill

10 wells

You can give via cash or check (prefered), OR you can give online by clicking on the button below.


Providing clean water to villages in Africa brings HUGE benefits: Children and adults no longer suffer and die from water-borne diseases and women no longer need to spend multiple hours each day carrying heavy loads of water long distances.

MOST IMPORTANTLY--the Gospel is preached during the well dedication and Bible resources are offered.


Each well costs $4,500, and our goal is to raise enough money to find the drilling of TEN wells.

Cornerstone Bible Church will match each gift up to a total of $22,500 for a grand total of $45,000!


Please clearly designate your giving to "Ten Wells For Togo via cash, check, or online. Please remember that online giving costs CBC a processing fee. To avoid this fee, please give via cash, check, or ACH.

CONTACT US with questions or for more information.

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